How to Add Addon Domain to Your Hostgator Hosting Account

How to Add Addon Domain to Your Hostgator Hosting Account

Most people use multi-Domain cPanel hosting but are not aware of it. They are not aware that they can install multiple websites on their existing hosting account. Addon Domains allow you to host different domains with different website content under the disk and bandwidth of the same cPanel. An Addon Domain is therefore a secondary Domain with its own distinct website hosted on the same cPanel account as your primary Domain. Read more Domains for Sale

Nearly all reputable shared hosting companies, such as Hostgator allow hosting of more than one website on the same account.This means that you do not have to buy a new hosting for every website when you already have a Hostgator hosting account. You can simply create and add an Addon domain and host all your websites on the same Hostgator hosting account.

How to add an Addon Domain using cPanel on Hostgator

You first need to change the Name-server of your new domain name to point to your hosting account. Login to your Hostgator cPanel and under Domains field click on Addon Domains. On the Addon domains page, you will be required to fill in three fields:  Click Free Domains

  • New Domain Name: Enter your new Domain name in this field without adding http or www to the name. Domain names are website names.
  • Username/sub-domain name/ directory: It will be the name of the folder created by cPanel in your public_html folder. cPanel automatically suggests this name and it is recommendable you stick with the suggestion because ideally, this name should not exist as a folder in public-html. However, if you want to point an Addon domain to a specific folder, you should specify the folder name in this field. If the folder already exists, ignore the warning since your intention is to point the Addon domain to the existing directory but if the folder does not exist, cPanel will create it for you under your specified name.
  • Password: This is the password for the FTP account that cPanel will automatically create. You will most likely never need this password but you might want to save it if you intend to give your designer or developer access to this Domain. Otherwise, you can just create a random password and forget about it.


After filling in these fields, click on add Domain. On the next screen, it will show that your Domain name has been successfully added and a new FTP username has been created. Now you can upload your website files to the Addon folder created in the public_html folder. Get Domains for Free!

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