Get Domains for Free!

Ever wanted a domain name for free? Now you can finally own a domain name without spending a single penny. There are websites that provide domains for free but most of these free domains won’t be premium. What this means is that the name of your domain will be something like “” Free domains are an excellent way for people to get started on building their first website.

Here are some of the best providers of free domains. University programs ecommerce is one of the few websites that provide premium domains for free. They offer .tk, .cl, .ml domains for free for a maximum period of one year. After a year, if you still want to keep the domain you can renew your ownership at a discount. The only downside to is that they do not provide free web hosting. An example of what your domain will look like –  Learn about Hosting for Domains does not provide a top level domain which means the domain you get will have an extension of byethost like ‘”. Byethost provides the fastest free hosting service in the industry. You can host a website from other providers in your byethost account too. For example, you can get a top level domain from Freenom and host your website on byethost. All you have to do is update the name servers in both places. Example of what your domain will look like – provides both free hosting and free domain registration. The only limitation is that the extension of the domain can only be “” On the bright side, is a relatively new extension so you can get domain names which would not be possible to get with a .com extension. The hosting is also good although it’s limited to 1GB space and 5GB bandwidth. The hosting speed is better than most, but pages load slightly slower than when hosted on byethost. An example of what your domain will look like – provides a top-level domain for free if you buy any of their hosting packages. You can search to find the available domain and register that for free with 1and1. The hosting packages are competitively priced, and they do provide good technical support should you need some. Since you have to buy something to get the free domain, this is not free in the true sense, but it’s still a pretty good deal. Example of what your domain will look like –  Greatest Domain Registrars in the United States

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